About Me: An Introduction


Hello and welcome!

More and more, we are moving into a digital era.  What better way for a librarian to do so than to have a dynamic digital presence?  I originally started this site as a digital portfolio.  However, I am now continuing to use it not only in that regard, but also as a platform to share some of my ongoing experiences as a librarian.  I have benefited greatly from the expertise and shared knowledge of other librarians who have been willing to share their experiences and ideas, and I hope to be able to do the same for other librarians.

I spent most of my educational career in library science.  My undergraduate degree is in information science, which allowed me to take more classes in library science before beginning my graduate work.  I also have a master’s degree in Library Science.  Both of my degrees are from the University of North Texas.  In addition, I earned graduate academic certificates in youth services, storytelling, and advanced management of information agencies.  Since graduating, I continue to participate in regular professional development and continuing education activities on a variety of topics, and hold memberships in both the American Library Association and the Texas Library Association.  I believe that, as a librarian, I can always learn to better serve my patrons, and professional development is essential to developing the skills and tools needed to do my job successfully.

I spent four years as the librarian for Anthem College, a small career school in Irving, Texas.  I made sure that the library ran smoothly, helped the students and faculty when they needed assistance, and completed all the processing and paperwork that went with the library.  I also provided new students with a library orientation to introduce them to the library’s print and electronic resources, and assisted students who needed help completing online courses with the use of the learning management system.  I completed a variety of library projects to help make the collection more accessible to library users.  I also spent time in the classroom and on a one-on-one (independent study) basis as an English instructor.

After exploring academic librarianship, I received the opportunity to transition into the public sector.  I spent over a year as a children’s librarian with the Farmers Branch Manske Library.  I prepared and presented story time for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  I also did collection development and materials processing in the juvenile collections, and participated in a variety of special programming events.  I also launched and maintained our blog for children’s services.  In addition, I assisted with and supported other library departments as needed.

I currently serve as a Public Services Librarian with the Harrington Public Library in Plano, where I will be working to prepare and present dynamic programming for children, families, teens, and adults within the library’s organizational goals.  I continue to prepare and present story times for all ages, from babies up to elementary students, in both internal and outreach settings.  I also serve on the library’s Technology Committee and write content for the Kids’ Brain blog.

As a librarian, I have a unique opportunity to introduce people to the world of knowledge, reading, research, and information that is freely available in the library and even beyond in the digital world.  A librarian has the opportunity each day to change a life, and it is my goal each day to make a positive difference in the lives of patrons.

For more information about my professional experience, professional development activities, and some of the library projects that I have been (or currently am) involved with, please check out the links to my additional pages.  You can also stop by my blog (and feel free to subscribe) to see my book reviews, ongoing library projects, and more.

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