Really Simple Syndication – Better Late Than Never!

Library Musings

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve never used an RSS feeder before.  Here I am, working my way through professional development activities that started in 2009, and I’ve just realized that I’ve been missing out on a great tool that could make my life so much easier.  Now, to be fair to myself, I didn’t really have a need to subscribe to a lot of different content.  In 2009, I was still in grad school trying to figure out the best way to meet my career goals.  But, now that I’m starting to take the next steps in my career and really looking at the opportunities and technologies available, I have to say that RSS feeds are a great invention!

What I love about this is having all the content available at once, without having to open several different blogs and windows to see what’s new.  Previously, I had subscribed to different blogs via email, but I often found myself deleting emails because I didn’t want to spend the time sorting through whether the particular entry was relevant or interesting that day.  Now, I can see different content at a glance and see if it’s something I want to pursue, or even look back to see what I might have missed that is now helpful.  I’m currently using a feed reader that allows me to have different tabs with different content, and I love that I can sort and group the content into categories and go right to what I’m looking for.

I can see this being a great professional development resource for me in the future.  It helps keep me connected to the library community and information, and the ease of access lets me quickly see what’s going on and what I want to spend more time on.  While I don’t have an immediate use for this in my current position, I would definitely recommend it to my students as a way to keep up with what is going on in their professions.

I really think that having a feed reader will allow me to keep up to date on content and information and more easily organize the information that I am interested in.  Whether it is personal interests or professional ones, I will definitely be using this to continue exploring content and following topics.  I may be late, but better to have discovered this now than to keep missing out, right?


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