Preschool Story Time: July Themes

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Recently, my library announced (to staff, anyway) that we will be moving to a year-round story time format in January 2018.  We’ll have story time 52 weeks of the year, with no breaks.  While the supervisors have started talking about the logistics for how this might work, I’ve decided it’s more important than ever to start going through my old story time outlines to really get a feel for what’s worked and what hasn’t.  So, I’m dusting off the story time outline binders, and breaking out the computer once again to *hopefully* start blogging regularly about story time.  For each month, I’ll post a placeholder that includes all the themes that I’ve done, and eventually, these will link to the individual blog posts about those story time as well.  I’m also working on some updates to the rest of my website to make it easier to find information.

Since we’ve just wrapped up July, what better place to start?  Here’s a list of the July themes that I’ve used in story time so far:

  • Alphabet (Sidekicks)
  • Birds/Owls
  • Bugs
  • Build It
  • Cowboys (Heroes throughout History)
  • Dragons (Heroes in Storybooks)
  • Family Heroes
  • Frogs
  • The Hero Inside Me
  • Imagination
  • Outdoor/Summer Fun
  • Play/Sports/Pretend
  • Zoo

Sometimes the themes related to the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme for the year, and sometimes the themes matched up well with programs that we were offering in the library that week.  What are your favorite story time themes for July?


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