Campus Effectiveness Planning

Campus Effectiveness Plan

As an academic librarian, one element that I was involved with was campus effectiveness planning.  The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) requires campuses to prepare a formal plan to demonstrate institutional effectiveness.  This plan covers student retention rates, student placement rates, level of graduate satisfaction, level of employer satisfaction, student learning outcomes, and graduation rates.  In addition, it includes basic demographic and programmatic information for the campus.  Additional documents focus on the individual successes and challenges of each unique program offered.  These documents are drafts that I prepared for the campus to measure the various metrics required, as well as suggested methods for evaluation.

Campus Effectiveness Plan

Program Evaluation Plan: Dental Assisting

Program Evaluation Plan: Massage Therapy

Program Evaluation Plan: Medical Assisting

Program Evaluation Plan: Pharmacy Technician

Program Evaluation Plan: Surgical Technologist

Program Improvement Plan: Massage Therapy

Program Improvement Plan: Pharmacy Technician

Program Improvement Plan: Surgical Technologist

Library Development Plan

Campus effectiveness planning also involved managing the daily library operations.  I created the following Library Development Plan based on a template provided by the division librarian, adding additional information and details to make it more applicable to my campus.  Many of the policies and procedures came from the corporate level; however, several were modified based on the unique needs of our student population.  Information about documentation and other operations was developed based on the best practices in place at the library to accurately reflect day-to-day operations.  In addition, I developed a monthly tracking report to evaluate various library statistics for reporting purposes.

Library Development Plan

Annual Library Analysis: 2013


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