Curriculum Development

During my tenure with Anthem College, I had the opportunity to partner with the faculty in providing library recommendations.  I also had the opportunity to participate in curriculum development, both as a librarian and as an instructor.

Massage Therapy Review Resources

Students in the massage therapy program were required to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) during their internship, as a passing score is required to obtain their license.  When we observed negative trends, we took proactive measures to improve the pass rate.  Working closely with the department Program Head, I developed a series of study kits for students.  Each kit was based on a section of the content outline provided by the test administrator, FSMTB.  I created a variety of different study tools, including access to the books used to create the test, flashcards, crossword puzzles, and more.  The goal was to create a variety of resources to appeal to a variety of learning styles.  The kits were designed for in-library use by either individual students or small study groups, but many activities were also consumables that students could take home.  The documents below show the contents of each kit, as well as the checklist of activities for student reference.

Student Activities Checklist

Massage Therapy Review Resources

English Composition

During my tenure with Anthem College, I worked as an English instructor in both a classroom setting and a one-on-one independent study setting.  For each, I was responsible for developing appropriate curriculum and resources for the students based on the objectives stated in the course syllabus.

For the face-to-face course, I developed a 16-day course outline, adapting the suggested assignments to meet student needs and customizing lecture content as appropriate to the topics.  The following course outline gives an idea of a typical day, including the lecture, an accompanying activity, and the overall wrap-up.  During the class, I customized the specific activities and order of instruction based on student responses.  One example of this was the position paper assignment.  Instead of writing individual papers, the students worked together to write a collaborative paper addressing campus security issues.  This paper was ultimately submitted to the Campus Director to share student concerns.

ENG101 Course Lesson Plan

Collaborative Campus Security Paper

For the independent study course, I developed an abbreviated course outline and goals appropriate for virtual delivery.  While I still met personally with these students, they received the majority of their course information and assignments via electronic delivery.  In developing this curriculum, I customized the existing face-to-face course outline to include the necessary components to meet the course objectives.  Each day’s content include that day’s assignments, as well as a brief instructional module.  The outline below gives an idea of the structure utilized.

Independent Study Course Outline


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