Library Programming

Library programming is a dynamic and challenging element of the profession.  While I have not worked directly in a public library, the following samples are examples of programming outlines that I have developed part of the professional development process. I have created these based on my practicum experiences and graduate coursework.  They represent general programming outlines that can easily be customized or adapted for a particular library situation.

Library Storytime:  Preschool

This outline covers a preschool storytime.  It includes a combination of songs, action rhymes, and stories for children to enjoy.  The theme for this program is dinosaurs.  This theme can be lengthened or shortened depending on time constraints.  This outline also includes an optional craft project, which also ties into the overall theme.

Preschool Storytime Outline


Library Storytime:  Toddler

This outline covers a toddler storytime.  Because it is designed for a younger audience, it is shorter than what I have included in the above preschool storytime.  The theme for this program is the season of fall.  The stories, songs, and fingerplays are all focused on this theme.  This theme can be lengthened or shortened depending on time constraints.

Toddler Storytime

Summer Reading Program

This document outlines an ideal summer reading program.  It includes information about the themes, prize packages, and suggested entertainment.  This outline was designed without a specific budget in mind for the event.  The majority of the performers were selected to support the overall theme.  Additional details for the overall program outline would depend on the specific needs of the library and the available resources; however, this gives an idea of how such a program might be structured.

Summer Reading Program Outline


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